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Vets - loss of power in operating rooms




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The Work

We received an emergency call from a large veterinary practice. They had lost power to half of their site including the operating rooms. The site was particularly large vets with 6 consulting rooms and 4 operating theatres. They needed power 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Their back up generator was not working properly and they had to continually manually restart the generator. This meant a delay in the treatment of animals as operations were cancelled and consultations postponed.

We arrived the same morning as the call and carried out testing. Our electricians found the reason for the loss of power and the emergency generator failure. The components needed to fix the issue are not readily available, so we carried out modification to the system to resume power via mains power as the generator was too unreliable.

The practice manager and company director agreed with our plan to install an automatic changeover system to provide generator power if the mains power was lost in the future. We incorporated a manual over ride so if any components in the automatic changeover system failed the manual system can be operated safely by any member of staff. As a result we ensured continued supply to all areas of the practice.

Following this incident and the positive feedback we received Bibby Contracting now carry out a weekly monitoring regime within the company. Our engineers also complete a quarterly formal test and inspection to ensure reliable supply.